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  • Specialty Lash Sampler – Glitter, Jewel, Deux Colour

    Specialty Lash Sampler – Glitter, Jewel, Deux Colour

    Experience 3 types of specialty lashes in 1 tray! A perfect enhancement for special occasions. The Sampler contains 6 strips of specialty lashes in J curl, 11mm in length and a thickness of 0.15mm. &n ...


  • 90 Degree Curl Set (incl. 3 lash lengths)

    90 Degree Curl Set (incl. 3 lash lengths)

    An exclusive, extreme curl for straight, short lashes and small eyes. The 90 degree curl lashes are sold bulk as a set of 3 lengths (9, 11 & 13mm) and a thickness of 0.20mm. ...

    $29.99 $22.00

  • Biomooi Coating Sealant

    Biomooi Coating Sealant

    Biomooi Coating Sealant is an ideal aftercare product for Semi-Permanent Eyelashes. It protects and adds longevity to Eyelash Extensions.  Lashes will stay on up to 50% longer with continuous use.   ...


  • Powerful Lash Styling Gel

    Powerful Lash Styling Gel

    Biomooi is a leading innovator in the eyelash industry, providing effective lash aftercare products. The Powerful Lash Styling Gel is an excellent styling tool for maintaining the curl of real mink ey ...


  • Biomooi Lash Nourish Lotion

    Biomooi Lash Nourish Lotion

    Biomooi is a leader in the eyelash maintenance industry. The Lash Nourish Lotion is excellent for maintaining lash health through daily styling with mascara and lash curlers, as well as professional l ...

    $16.99 $14.00

  • Eyelash Growth Serum

    Eyelash Growth Serum

    All natural Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum! An excellent product for your clients to add to their lash care routine.  Stronger, healthier lashes provide stylist with a better base for applying exte ...


  • Double Tapered Lash

    Double Tapered Lash

    Be the only lash tech in your area to carry this new, and much anticipated lash shape. Unlike regular lash extensions, both ends of the double tapered lash (aka “crescent lash”) are tapered for ea ...

    $24.99 $20.00

  • Lash Perm Kit

    Lash Perm Kit

    Eyelash perming is perfect for the client who does not wish to have extensions, or have developed reactions for lash adhesive.  An excellent treatment to combine with eyelash tinting – perming done ...


  • Heated Eyelash Curler

    Heated Eyelash Curler

    Designed to be used with eyelash extensions.  Simply turn on, wait 15 seconds, place the comb directly onto the lash lines, gently lift and comb lashes into the desired shape, hold for two seconds, t ...


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